Your 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for gifts from badass women-led brands? Look no further. Here are the best brands in women’s health and wellness that taut organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly products great for the gifting season. 

More and more consumers are looking to be more socially conscious as they shop this holiday season. Shopping responsibly can be a great way to support brands with positive impact and initiatives, while also feeling a little better about spending your hard earned money. It’s not always easy finding new brands and it can be really tempting to lean on old habits of going to big box retailers but doing some research and due diligence can go a long way and you might just find a brand you’ll be a forever fan of!

We’ve broken down some of our favorite brands that have backstories or initiatives worth getting behind. Whether you're shopping for yourself or someone else in your life, you’ll be sure to find something you like. 

Holistic care: Rael 

Three women were frustrated with the lack of healthy, comfortable, and high-quality feminine care products on the market so they set out to create their own. Fast forward three years and you have Rael, reaching people in 19 countries and counting with a goal of global distribution. With a focus on organic and quality feminine products like tampons and pads, they expanded their line to include skincare products, hygiene products and more. 

Beyond their beautiful branding and focus on “premium but accessible” products, Rael has powerful initiatives at its core. Their goal is to make sustainable and organic feminine products the standard around the world while also destigmatizing how people talk about periods and feminie health. The team also works on giveback programs in the United States to educate about the inequality of access to feminine hygiene products while working to raise the standard of accessibility. 

Product to check out: Complete Care Kit

Sexual health: Maude 

Maude is a modern sexual wellness company founded by Eva Goicochea. Eva was sick of seeing the same thing over and over in the family planning isle of supermarket stores and decided to create a brand that would reinvent the way people view sexual health and intimacy. 

Maude has a diverse line of high quality and simple products that ships to customers in discreet packaging. Their line consists of basics like massage oil and massage candles, to condoms and personal massagers. Maude also has a big focus on inclusivity, a great reason to support their mission. Check out their digital publication for great reading here

Product to check out: Massage Candle 

Fashion and apparel: Wildfang 

You’ve probably seen celebrity after celebrity rocking their “Wild Feminist” shirts from Instagram stars to Schitt’s Creek. Wildfang was founded in 2013 by women founders who had a radical belief that a “woman has a right to wear what she wants and be who she wants.” Their brand is focused on racial and gender inclusivity, giving everyone a way to express themselves through fashion that makes them feel comfortable while supporting other women. 

Not only was Wildfang founded upon a great mission, they put their money where their mouth is and donate to charities that support women/humans rights, reproductive rights and immigrant rights. They donated over $400k in 2018 alone. 

Product to check out: Wild Feminist Shirt 

Hair care: Prose

Prose makes custom hair products that include all hair types and take into consideration environmental factors like where you live, air and water quality. Take a custom quiz when you get to their site and you’ll see all of the meticulous thoughts their founders put into creating their custom hair solution. It’s a seamless quiz that gives you your custom products created with only natural ingredients. 

Prose is also doing its part to give back to the environment, which is just another reason to love them. They have a big goal of cleaning up the beauty industry as a whole by using natural ingredients that are sustainable, while committing to completely carbon-neutral operations by the end of 2020. 

Take their quiz and get your custom results here.

Dental wellness: Dr Brite 

Two sisters (who are also doctors!) created this line that started out as all-natural oral and dental health for kids and adults. After growing success, they expanded more recently into cleaning products, like soaps, sprays, and wipes. All of their products are focused on natural ways to stay healthy. 

All of their products are created in small batches at their eco-friendly HQ in California. They source natural and sustainable ingredients within the US. Beyond that, they donate 5% of profits to local and community nonprofits. 

Product to check out: Whitening Mouthwash


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