Using years of experience creating a successful Pharmaceutical company, Dr. Lanier and his wife Dominique created Varafem to help women who suffer every month from debilitating PMS symptoms. 

"I jokingly asked my husband one day if he could 'have my period for me' and what did he do? He went and fixed it." Now that I know what it's like to live with a non-debilitating period for the first time in my life, I feel like I have a moral responsibility to share it with women everywhere."

- Dominique Lanier, Varafem First Lady (President)


Clean Ingredients

All natural ingredients, hand picked to help manage menstrual cycle symptoms that keep women from living their best lives once a month, every month.

Symptom Match

Varafem specialized in customizing YOUR kit to YOUR symptoms. Simply add your boosts based on what symptoms are the worst for you each cycle and go!

Tailored for Routine

Having an effective supplement routine is all about consistency. Your custom Varakit comes in pre-portioned daily portable packets, so you'll never skip a beat.